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Selection of Projects


Anthony Joshua - The road to greatness with Kano

Arnon put together the collaboration between legendary UK grime artist Kano, and Anthony Joshua for Under Armour.  The project involved the bespoke writing of a lyric, for what became a hugely successful global campaign, reaching and engaging over 50m consumers within the first 7 days, culminating with a US national TV commercial on primetime TV. A true win-win for everyone involved.

Seize the moment. #IWILL

Polar Music Prize

It was a real honour for Arnon to be appointed a member of the Advisory Board at The Polar Music Prize (which is often referred to as the 'Nobel Prize for music', an organisation founded by the original lyricist and legendary manager of ABBA, Stig Anderson and managed today by his family).

Whilst spending several years working on growing the International reach of the Prize, a lot of work also went into building the strategic framework required, assisting with driving awareness and global PR via work with the international music artist community to create events, content

FIFA World Cup_edited.png
6 Nations 2022_edited.jpg

FIFA World Cup - Official Anthem

The Howling Wolf Group were approached by Sony Music International to create the Official Anthem for FIFA World Cup, Brazil.

Being one of the most watched televised events in the world, it was important to create an enduring anthem that crossed borders, delivered top class talent and a strong, positive message, capturing the values of Brazil.

We strategically put together Avicii, Wyclef Jean, Santana and Alexandre Pires, and working with a host of top writers, came up with the lyric and concept for 'Dar Um Jeito (We Will Find a Way)'- a song aimed at uniting fans, whilst pushing a 'typical' Brazilian belief that anything is possible.

The song was performed live by the artists at the World Cup Closing Ceremony, hosted at the Maracana Mário Filho Stadium in Rio De Janeiro

Howling Wolf Group also created the artwork for the Official FIFA album - 'One Love One Rhythm', which became a top 10 hit in several territories around the world.

6 Nations Rugby - Official Anthem

The Howling Wolf Group worked for over 2 years consulting 6 Nations Rugby Limited on the creation of an Official Championship Anthem, with a view to launch (for the first time), a powerful and enduring sonic identity for the sport.  Working closely with The 6 Nations Chief Executive and Commercial Manager, The Howling Wolf Group developed the framework and brief for the project, before starting on the creative execution. 

Bringing in an array of very established international producers, we worked on creating various top class demos/pieces of music, to enable senior management to select one fitting anthem to represent the sporting body.  Once this one piece was chosen, Executive Producer, Arnon Woolfson worked over a number of months with the chosen Producer (band member and Musical Director of The Rolling Stones) to complete the final recording and production of ‘Six Together’, the music chosen to represent the sonic identity of The 6 Nations.  This song is used at every one of The RBS 6 Nations games. 


OJO - Creation of a new brand

The Howling Wolf Group initially worked at the inception stage with the branding agency of the OJO brand, to craft and develop the sound of the new (OJO) brand, aimed at speedily building awareness and consumer traction within the competitive global gaming industry, competing against major brands with significantly higher marketing budgets..

We worked to a tight brief to develop the sonic identity of the OJO brand, using the values of the brand and consumer insight to build from the ground up.  We continue to assist as custodians of the brand from an audio perspective, ensuring the 'sound of the brand' is adhered to across all marketing assets.

We were delighted to learn that the 2021 SoundOut Branding Index selected OJO as one of the most effective logos in the UK (against the likes of The Premier League, Tesco, Asda and Heart Radio).

The Vaccines - Launch of a new artist

The goal from Sony Music:  To launch an artist globally as effectively as possible and with as small a budget as possible.  

We put in place a strategy to engage a small but loyal fanbase, driving them to submit imagery of themselves at the Reading Festival via an Instagram hashtag.  We then edited together the official video for the band's track (Wetsuit) using the fan generated content and released the official video, which  generated huge traction, thereby growing fanbase and launching the band internationally.  

This project created the world's first ever Instagram video and went on to become .


Ryanair - Mr Superfly

With the knowledge that Ryanair carries 98m passengers per year and the ability to target a captive audience, we developed a musical anthem which was played: i) on entry into every aircraft, ii) when the food & duty free being served, and iii) once again on landing.

A cartoon character (Mr Superfly) was developed and integrated into the Ryanair magazine for children, and a respectable amount of merchandise sold onboard flights.  This was a JV with Ryanair which ran over the period of a year and proved to be very successful with a great deal of media attention behind it.

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