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About HWG

The Howling Wolf Group, was formed in 2007 by Arnon Woolfson to offer its clients world class music & marketing driven solutions, via a personal, hand-held, low key approach, from a small team of accountable individuals.

The business is made up of co-operative, like-minded individuals (all at the top of their game), and has worked with a multitude of global blue-chip brands, agencies, A-list music artists, major record companies, sporting organisations, technology businesses and world governments to develop successful strategic solutions, fix business problems & generate more revenue.

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Our 4 key disciplines


Wherever possible, we use data and insight to assist in understanding consumers, markets and making smarter decisions.  We like to de-risk!

Creative solutions

We take our strategy and build from this creative framework from which we then continue to develop and create ideas that deliver success.

Content Creation
(including commercial Music Production)

We love to make...  We are lucky enough to work with some of the biggest songwriters, production teams,  artists and video producers in the world to create marketing assets and music / video content that truly delivers.


We thrive on connecting people and organisations, creating win-win, symbiotic relationships where everyone gains.  We have many years track record of successful brand & music industry partnerships...


About Arnon

Arnon is a dynamic professional renowned for his unique ability to blend creativity, strategic innovation, and business acumen, working not only across strategy and marketing but also at the intersection of technology and music. He excels in incorporating music into marketing strategies and equally adept at infusing marketing principles into the music industry, creating a synergistic blend of both fields with often first-mover campaigns that are not only impactful and memorable but also remarkably successful.


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