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Our BrandNote business is all about 'bridging the gap' between brands, agencies and the music industry, offering independent consultancy services to both the music sector and brands. 

Organisations outside of the music business operate on a day to day basis in a culture very different from the music industry.  Understanding the music business is complex and navigating through to achieve the results desired can often be time consuming and counter-productive.

Similarly, the music industry in its decline of physical product is constantly searching for new revenue streams and a more Joint Venture approach, working with brands and media in order to maximise it efficiency in launching music product to the marketplace.

BrandNote aims to work as close as possible with its clients, firstly learning about their brand DNA and history and understanding where the business hopes to be in the future.  Once this has been achieved, our energy is then turned to understanding the objectives of the business.  From there, we bring in research/insight (if required) and work to achieve the brand's objectives, using music (and the vast industry behind it) to deliver emotional solutions that make a difference and address the key objectives of our clients.

Our expertise includes strategising and creating music deliverables for marketing & communication programmes as well as the developing alliances & partnerships between brands and the music industry.